HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Chicago - Old Town

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I recently received a hair cut from this establishment, one that I am very displeased with. After showing the stylist a picture of the type of the haircut I wanted, she quickly went to work with little question surrounding how I really wanted it. The clippers were used with force on the back and sides of my head with no concern that ears are attached to my head. They were constantly rubbed against my ear in a rugged and careless and manner when I am used to the stylist simply pulling my ears back in order to avoid touching them with the loud clippers. I have had two experiences with the Sports Clips in the South Loop and they were both not what I wanted and done in a similar fashion. That was two years ago, so I decided to give a different Sports Clips a try. This was not any different unfortunately. The trimming behind each of my ears is completely different, and rather noticeable. When I stated that I wanted to the sides blended in with the top, the stylist proceeded to show me a haircut that looked as if a bowl was placed around my head, completely unblended. I told the stylist that I wanted it blended, and then she proceeded to cut a significant amount of hair off the top of my head, which is an area that I did not want cut at all as stated at the beginning of the appointment. She did not even offer me a last look at the haircut, I assumed it is because the person knew that it was not what I wanted. All in all, I have given three chances to this company to give me a haircut that I do not immediately regret and unfortunately I have not been pleased after any time. $25 is a lot of money to spend for a haircut that is rushed and rugged at times when it does not have to be.

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